Double Digits!


*celebratory jig*

This is the big one-oh, wan-zero…yeah!!! my tenth blog post. I’d like to thank God, my fan, my family, my haters…I’m jess playing.

Thanks Fan, for keeping me cool. (photo credit: Google images)

Thanks Fan, for keeping me cool. (photo credit: Google images)

Thank you all for being here with me and listening to my rhetoric. Especial thanks to Darlene my sister for supporting me from the word go and for Roberta for lighting fire under my ass to get this blog started. Thanks to Ndunge for your long-winded comments…makes a G feel special…this was the purpose of this blog, to start a conversation. Do y’all see how Evelyn be blogging in the comment section tho?! Go read all my posts and her cawments. Thanks to ALL of you who comment. #thugtears

Thanks to those who read but choose to lurk, or talk to me in real life. I appreciate the real life convos BUT the reason I wrote on the blog was not just for me, or for cathartic purposes but to connect with others so, write yo thoughts and comments on the blog too, so that you can also reach others.  I wish that you all can see how important it is to share YOUR experience. It’s beneficial to have a diversity of perspectives and I can only offer MY perspective. We have all seen the detriment of one sided, narrow-minded rhetoric…i.e. HOLLYWOOD. So, let’s talk yo! Let’s conversate (not a real word, who gonna check me?)

And an extra special thank you to Nicolas who is responsible for many of the beautiful photos that you see on my blog!

So tell me. What do y’all wanna hear about next. Matter fact, scratch that…I’m prolly not gonna listen. The better thing to do would be to start your own blogs…I wanna know about y’all more deeply mehn. And there’s nothing like writing to bare the soul. Nawfin! I can’t say that I won’t judge you for your innermost thoughts, but I will say my judgement will come from a place of love.

On that note, I think that fear of judgement has been the biggest stumbling block to me uploading content on my blog (that and laziness). I always wonder just how ‘full disclosure’ I should be? But it won’t be honest of me to polish my stories. Yes, putting an inspirational spin on a dire situation is always wonderful but sometimes you just gotta be raw man. My eighth post was a raw one. *whew*

I love y’all, and I wish y’all all the best in your present and future endeavors. God bless y’all.

♪♫CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE♪♫ ok, it's not the 10th anniversary, it's the tenth blog post. #excited #i'm really doing it guys #celebratelife

♪♫CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE♪♫ ok, it’s not the 10th anniversary, it’s the tenth blog post. #excited #i’m really doing it guys #celebratelife (photo credit: Google images)


What did you do that for?! : Baldheaded Edition


*pulls up chair*

This is the first of a three part series of FAQ’s that will deal with hair (or the lack thereof), teetotalism and deleting my facebook account.


December 26th 2006 marked the day that I cut my hair off. I, me, moi (not the hairdresser or barber), cut my hair off. I went into my room, pulled my hair back into the tightest ponytail that I could manage just to make sure that my head wasn’t a funny shape and then SNIP SNIP!

When it was done, the longest section which was towards the front of my head, measured about an inch long. I cut it pretty short.

What did you do that for?!!!

Because I wanted to. Dazzit…that’s it.

I wanted to.

No, I wasn’t cutting off my permed ends, trying to get rid of a relaxer (my hair has never been permed). No, I didn’t have heat damage. No, I wasn’t auditioning for the Halle Berry Biography. I had no socially acceptable reason for cutting my hair. Was I stressed, was I depressed? People kept looking for an excuse for what I thought was a well-thought out, logical decision. My hair takes quite a long time to comb (time that I was most unwilling to dedicate to vanity), it’s hot in Trinidad and I just plain ole WANTED short hair!!.

And let me tell you…I looked goooood…I looked dam good. And I felt good too! It was the most confident I had ever been in my life up to that point. Mind you, it’s not only my mirror that confirmed that I was fly…people told me that I looked good, but in the same breath they would ask disapprovingly why I did it. As a result of my decision to cut MY hair, some people cried (I kid you not), others gave me the silent treatment, I got called ‘stupid’, ‘jackass’, ‘crazy’. What?! That’s it?! That’s all I have to do to be considered crazy…cut my hair of??? Ummm, ok. Pat your weave girl.

I’ll never forget, my first day back to school from the Christmas holidays, before I could even get to my class, one of my classmates greeted me at the top of the steps with loud, jeering laughter. She literally stood about three feet in front of me and laughed mockingly to my face! #shorthairisnotfortheweak

It was definitely a turning point in my maturity. I don’t want no beef BUT lemme just point out that some of the same people who rebuked me for cutting my hair off, supported my sister when she cut hers. Why? Because my sister had a socially acceptable excuse: she was cutting off her locks.

To conclude. I have a full head of hair which I love. Tomorrow, I may wake up and decide that Trinidad is too hot for me to be carrying around so much hair. I may cut off my tresses and you know what? You are going to be ok with my decision, for several reasons;

1. It’s not your hair

2. It’s not your body

3. It’s not that serious

Since that ‘drastic’ decision over 6 years ago, I’ve had aunts who TELL me never to cut my hair again. I think the fact that I didn’t ask their permission the first time is not an explicit enough clue that it is not their decision to make.

Let’s hear from Jada Pinkett Smith the actress and mother of two who took to Facebook to post an open letter to the critics of her daughter’s hair, and the end result was a beautifully eloquent letter liberating Willow  (Jada’s daughter) from her hair.

It read:

A letter to a friend…

This subject is old but I have never answered it in its entirety. And even with this post it will remain incomplete.

The question why I would LET Willow cut her hair. First the LET must be challenged. This is a world where women, girls are constantly reminded that they don’t belong to themselves; that their bodies are not their own, nor their power or self determination. I made a promise to endow my little girl with the power to always know that her body, spirit and her mind are HER domain. Willow cut her hair because her beauty, her value, her worth is not measured by the length of her hair. It’s also a statement that claims that even little girls have the RIGHT to own themselves and should not be a slave to even their mother’s deepest insecurities, hopes and desires. Even little girls should not be a slave to the preconceived ideas of what a culture believes a little girl should be.

More to come. Another day.



Asha's hair eats her face

If you are still pressed, will you come comb it for me?  (photo credit: Nicolas Rinaldo)


Going through it


*grabs handkerchief*

I’m really going through it.

Have you ever had the situation where you found it nigh impossible to forgive yourself?

And you replay scenarios in your head again and again,

and wonder what would have happened if you had done something differently?

Not that the present outcome is bad, but you wonder if God had intended better for you?

Like you feel so badly about what you’ve done that you can’t even enjoy the gifts that you’ve been given because you feel like they are tainted by the guilt of your actions. The actions that you felt were responsible for getting getting you these gifts.

(maybe God had always intended to bless me…maybe, maybe, maybe)

And you question yourself….‘Would I still have been given these gifts if my actions were different? If I were obedient to God’s word?’

‘Are these gifts????????’

You’re so torn, because you want to be absolutely certain that even though you’ve sinned in the past, you are making the right decisions now.

You really don’t want to hurt anyone, but you know that you can’t keep compromising your beliefs as you have done in the past.

You’re plagued by the doubt of a question:

‘Can something that was born out of an impure act…be blessed?’

{Editor’s note: Some of y’all got real concerned…which is understandable. Y’allz really love me 🙂 But rest assured that my issue has been resolved and this post was more of an opportunity to vent. God is always good}

Wear your good clothes now!


*adjusts brooch*

This one here is long and deep and…it was just supposed to be about clothes.

I just came back to Trinidad after 4 years of study in Edinburgh, Scotland…it’s hot. Anyway, yesterday I opened the kitchen cupboard looking for a fork (because I was tending to my bottomless appetite) and I discovered some new cutlery. I made a comment about it and my mother informed me that they were not new but had been purchased and packed away for about a year now.

That little account in the paragraph above is a microcosm of my life experience. I have moved quite a bit during during my life and the mentality of my mother was: ‘we do not own this house, therefore we will not invest any substantial effort into decorating and we will not bring out the fine china’

‘We will do this when we get our own house’ became my mother’s mantra.

To an extent, this made sense but I got the feeling that my life was being put on hold. Curtain sets and fancy cutlery were packaged away and we never made connections with our neighbors. There was always sense of transience and non-commitment to our present situation. I adopted and carried this non-committal attitude all other aspects of my life.

What did this mean?

It meant that I did not LIVE. I did not appreciate the immediacy of the present moment. I remained in ‘rehearsal mode’, thinking that I would have to start again, so giving a half-assed effort in everything…relationships, academics, even hobbies. This laissez-faire attitude also affected how I presented myself. I wanted to look good but I didn’t think that making an effort and dressing up was justified. I was always waiting on that party or graduation, that big special date that never came.

Well you know what, I’ve realized that EVERYDAY is special, and my outfits reflect this new found belief. Time and effort should go into my outfits and my overall presentation. Anticipating people’s opinions and disapproval also acted as a hindrance for me to dress up. I would always think ‘what if they say something’. My attitude is changing to ‘of course they’ll say something Asha…you look great!’ 😉

*Preach* Build your confidence and establish your sense of self worth outside of what people think. I am not delusional though…you HAVE to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people. Negative opinions, especially if that’s the overwhelming majority of what you’re exposed to can affect your psyche. It always helps to have a dedicated cheerleader in your corner. Thanks Nico :)…and Darlene

On the topic of cheerleading and positivity…We probably all know someone who finds it hard to give compliments. This unwillingness is usually not because of great expectations or insurmountable standards but it is because this person harbors a deep sense of insecurity. I have found that an unwillingness to compliment others is usually a symptom of low self-esteem.

If I’m dressed to the nine (looking good) and your response is to look me up and down without any positive acknowledgement of my appearance…as if acknowledging that I look fabulous is akin to me eating your slice of cake…you have a problem. There is room for all of us to be great, which is why we are all here. God is good and why would you have defied the odds of conception and survived this long to be in constant competition with someone that you can never be? God is not a god of confusion, and trying to be someone that you are not ‘don’t make no dam sense.’

*back to my wardrobe*

On a practical level, I found that buying my clothes at charity chops (second-hand stores) made it easier to wear my ‘fancy clothes’. The fact that they were already worn removed the novelty of them. I felt that they already ‘had their time to shine’…and there was no nagging voice in my head saying: ‘you must wear your clothes properly’ which translated to ‘save your fancy clothes until you are too fat to fit them.’

Flower girl in a secondhand dress. In Princes Street Gardens

Flower girl in a secondhand dress. In Princes Street Gardens (Photo credit: Merilyn Cole)

If you still need an excuse or a push to dress up as you would like if you don’t buy from second hand shops because you have a phobia that people died in the clothes. I know of someone who had that phobia. Then you can always use your camera (or your boyfriend’s camera) as an excuse. Dress as if you’re always gonna have impromptu photoshoots!

Yes, I am laying down on the grass, looking through flowers and YES, you are ok with it.

Yes, I am laying down on the grass, looking through flowers and YES, you are ok with it. Cramond Island (Photo credit: Nicolas Rinaldo)

What I have found is that as I experiment more with clothes, I am less pressed about dress codes and public opinion. If I want to dress up…I will, If I don’t want to dress up [this is rare]…I won’t. If I want to wear a £7 dress to a £50 Graduation Ball, I will, and I will be fabulous and I defy anyone to say otherwise. 😛

I begin to care less about what people think of me and care more about…people. Also, as I have decided to LIVE, I recognize how important human connections are, how important it is to take life seriously as a time sensitive gift from God to forgive myself for mistakes and dare I say expect to make them…aaaaaaaaaaaaaand swallow my pride.

*Last words*

Take a selfie. Do it for your grandkids so they can see how sexy you were back in the day.

Never apologise for a selfie. In Princes Mall after a professional

Never apologize for a selfie. In Princes Mall after a professional photo-shoot (Photo credit: Mary G)

Life is meant to be lived.

Now, lemme go pluck my chin hairs.

God is Good


*sits down*

I think I’ve been a tad unfair to the reader’s of my blog…to y’all.

Although I have said that I want to write about the good, bad and ugly, I have found that my posts have mostly dwelled on the bad and ugly. Thus far, I have only highlighted my shortcomings (though they are plentiful). So, from henceforth, I will offer a more balanced perspective on my life’s happenings. After all, I hope that revelation of my victories are just as encouraging as my bleaker testimonies.

So here goes, here is a summary of my recent victories [all made possible through Christ Jesus]. It’s more of an update, and I will expand on some of these in later posts.

Get yourself a ‘cuppa’, get comfortable, this is going to be a long one.


This may not mean a lot to y’all but I have passed all my courses of the 1st semester [September-December] of my final year of University. I was under incredible pressure last year so I view this minimum expectation as a victory/relief. (I have come to the realisation that I don’t handle stress very well  but we’ll talk about that later…this is a happy post).


I have a renewed interest in photography thanks to my amazing boyfriend who taught me how to use the manual modes on my camera *dust the dirt off ma shoulder* aaaaaand who also bought me a new camera lens for Christmas. Love you shmuckums

Y’all wanna see piks? 😉 Lemme give you a story first. Although I am not on Facebook, my pictures have been featured as profile pictures for several of my ‘real life’ friends. This is the highest accolade that Facebook can offer. 😛 The following pictures have all been used as Facebook profile photos. Click on the photos to view them in their fullsized splendor.

My Indian Sister Ipshita

My Indian Sister Ipshita

Ipshita's Banner picture...double whammy :D

Ipshita’s Banner picture…double whammy 😀

My German poonum, Carolin

My German poonum, Carolin

Sarah, another German sweetheart. I went in HEAVY on the halo effect, my bad...sometimes cheesy is fun!

Sarah, another German sweetheart. I went in HEAVY on the halo effect, my bad…sometimes cheesy is fun!

oo lala *sigh*

oo lala *sigh*

Y’all, I was sitting in the library one day, minding my own business (as I do), working on the computer when I saw this interesting character walk by (sorry for referring to you as a ‘character‘ Sia). I felt strongly compelled to photograph her (I usually carry my camera with me). So, I mustered up my courage, walked up to her table and she conceded to my request. This was my first (and only thus far) time doing this.

VOILA! #GodisGood

VOILA! #GodisGood


Y’all, this one has a bit of a backstory. I came to Heriot-Watt University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning (have to keep reminding myself of that). Anyway, when I got here in September 2009, one of the first extra-curricular activities that I attended was choir and I’ve stuck with it ever since. In 2010, I learnt that there were music scholarships available to singers that granted the awardee vocal lessons. I applied for the scholarship and got it!

So, fast forward to a few weeks ago, (27th of February and the 2nd of March) when I competed in two open classes of the Edinburgh Music Festival. In the first class, I performed two pieces: ‘Where Corals Lie‘, a poem by Richard Garnett which was set to music by Edward Elgar, and ‘Your Daddy’s Son‘ from the Ragtime Musical.

I placed third y’all!!!

Where Corals Lie: sung by Dame Janet Baker

Your Daddy’s Son: sung by Audra McDonald

Then, for the 2nd class which was the Oratorio class, I performed ‘He was Despised’ from Handel’s Messiah. This was a competitive class, and the winner was awarded the Sidney Newman medal.

BOOM! durr it is

BOOM! durr it is



God is Good

God is Good

Yes, I won.

On the University's Website

On the University’s Website

He Was Despised: Sung by Alfred Deller (first movement only)


God has blessed me with a wonderful supportive boyfriend. In the strictest sense, is this a victory? I’d like to think it is and anyone who knows me well (and my former no-romance-for-Asha beliefs) will understand why. Besides, he (Mr. Man) said that I succeeded in taking his heart and that was a big accomplishment. #blackgirlblush


I believe that I have found my purpose.  I have found something that I can be passionate about, that I can wake up every morning and be dedicated to fulfilling. Not easy, but fulfilling.  Before I spill the beans let me just say that I often cringe when people say ‘I am a lawyer’, or ‘He is a chemist’, confusing what they do, with who they are. But fundamentally, we are defined by what we do. Ladies and gentlemen, magnificent readers of my ramblings;


…a 21st Century Griot.

I’ll have a separate post addressing this, but I’m really psyched!!!


This coming Wednesday (God willing), 20th March, I will be singing at the University Music Scholar’s Concert. An amazing opportunity to share my the talent that God has blessed me with.

The Wednesday after that, 27th March, my friends and I will be performing at a Jazz concert that we organised. I think the planning is a victory in itself. Big ups to Steve King, the Director of music at Heriot-Watt University for supporting this venture.

MISTY - an evening of Jazz

MISTY – an evening of Jazz

*whew* There’s a lot more to thank God for but that’s all for now (your tea’s probably finished or cold). Thanks for reading, I wish you all the best in your Godly endeavors!

What good things are going on in your life? I’d love to hear them. Do share!

Through the Wire:


*deep sigh*

Here I am again…down to the wire. It’s the day before a major assignment (worth 50% of my grade) is due and I have not yet started it properly. Yes, I am scared to take a real good look at the assignment for fear of the smack of reality.

It’s frustrating to be back here after all my resolutions. Y’all should see the noticeboard in my bedroom; it’s populated with motivating messages that I’ve written in a bold green marker. Messages like:

Life Habits. Be more organized and disciplined OVERALL in my life! I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Life Habits. Be more organized and disciplined OVERALL in my life! I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Start projects TODAY, not tomorrow. Set timetables and stick to them. Get back on the horse if I fall off.

Start projects TODAY, not tomorrow. Set timetables and stick to them. Get back on the horse if I fall off.

Dear Lord, Please help me to achieve my goals, Love Asha :)

Dear Lord, Please help me to achieve my goals, Love Asha 🙂

Ok, let’s objectively assess where I stand. It’s an essay (3500 words, #JesusTakeTheWheel) and;

1. I have written out the structure.

2. I know what each paragraph will address.

That’s it.

But I know that this time is different from all the other times. What makes this time different? Well, most significantly, I have asked my Christian sisters to pray for me. God, I am leaning on you. I really acknowledge that I need you. As I write this, I am listening to some gospel on YouTube that my sister sent me and having my breakfast.

I’m tempted to write a paragraph to the atheists that may stumble across my blog and lambaste me for using the ‘idea of God’ as a crutch for my shortcomings. Yes, this situation is not ideal, but my God works with the imperfect. He is not my crutch, He is my strength,  my all, I am nothing without Him…whether I have prepared long in advance or not.

“I can do all things through CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH.” ~Philippians 4:13


(If y’all have any tips on staying on top of your work and assignments. Especially if you have overcome the procrastination struggle, please share them in the comments below. Ya sister needs them.)

editor’s note: I finished my assignment just in time but it was not the best quality, but that’s what I get. lesson learnt (please God)

Surrendering to fear – my biggest childhood regret



My childhood was plagued by an irrational fear of dying.

I remember running to my father at bedtime when I was just six years old as the nightly dread of the grave overcame my consciousness.

me: “Daddy, I don’t want to die!!!!”

Daddy: “Asha, we all have to die. Death is a part of life.”

me: “But I have a perfectly good body, it seems like a waste of a body if I have to die. Why do I have to die and be buried and let worms eat my body??!!!!” (damn…I was precocious 0_o)

Yes, yes, yes…I had been fed the rigmarole (which I believed and still do) that we go to heaven and all that jazz. But, coupled with fear of death was a fear of eternity. What am I going to do for all that time? I had/have a linear concept of time so what was eternity anyway? Just thinking about it, trying to wrap my mortal mind around the concept of forever made me feel nauseous and filled me with anxiety.

This dread colored my outlook. There were moments when it seemed that I was free of it and in exchange, filled with peace, but those moments were never granted any permanence in my psyche.

Let me tell you of a time when my morbid paradigm (or commonsense…you be the judge) stopped me from ‘seizing the day’.

I was about 10 years old, when my family, along with a few friends and I, hiked up to Fort George in Trinidad. It was a lovely day I think…my memory of the whole escapade fails me but there is one incident that is seared in my ‘hard-drive’.

It happened just before we were about to leave. The path we were taking went along a steep grassy incline. On the incline was a tree, and its branches stretched temptingly over the path. I wanted nothing more than to jump up and catch hold of the lowest branch, but…I was scared. I knew that if I missed the branch, I would go tumbling down the path (although there was a fence along the bottom to stop me, I would still get a bit shaken up if I fell).

I stood there…procrastinating (yowza, I’ve been procrastinating my whole life?! #JesusTakeTheWheel)

Anyway, my friend Seka, who was (and still is) considerably shorter than I am, casually walked across next to me, jumped, caught hold of the coveted branch, swung herself back and forth a few times and then let go of the branch with enough momentum to land back onto the path. #likeabawse!

*I wanted to insert an illustration here but y’all have some active imaginations so far be it from me to deny you the pleasure of using them*

The rational part of my brain worked out that since I was taller than Seka, reaching the branch would be no problem for me. But, I was crippled by fear and self-doubt. I dilly-dallied there on the path, giving myself pep talks , trying to work up the nerve to jump. ‘you only live once Asha, you only live once. ‘ Then…

“Asha! Time to go!”

I didn’t jump :(.

The regret of that moment -of surrendering to fear- haunted me for such a long time. It is certainly true that: “You often regret the things you do not do more than than the things that you have done”

My father always told my sister and I that if we detest a characteristic in someone to CHECK OURSELVES because most likely, we exhibit the very trait that we so abhor.

I cannot stand cowardice. 0_o

What about you? What are your regrets? Where there is life, there’s hope…there will be other obstacles to overcome to build my courage! 🙂

Winter Fashion Dilemma Solved


*celestial music*

Revelation Time!

So, in Edinburgh, we’re approaching the end of winter. Let me repeat that just in case the Scottish climate gods haven’t heard me. We are approaching the END of winter. And you know what I’ve learnt?

You do not have to look ugly during winter. REPEAT. You do not have to look ugly during the winter.

I know, I know, I hear what you’re all thinking: “Asha, you can be fashionable in every season, EVERYONE knows that!”

Listen, ok, I KNOW that, I’ve seen Vogue and Essence and Michelle Obama’s purple coat but in my defence…

*whiny voice*

…I’m from the tropics ok. We enter buildings to cool down, not to thaw out warm up.  The concept of coats is generally unheard of. At a stretch, I would wear a cardigan in an over-vigorously air-conditioned office. But it was a temporary measure, not intended for stylin’ and profilin’ .

I’m used to having one shot, using one layer of clothing to make an impression…to express myself. So I would dress all fly in Scotland (as I would in Trinidad *cough*sometimes*cough*) and all my efforts were covered by my coat. An ugly coat thus nullified all my attempts at cuteness. When the cold hit me (despite my self-directed pep talks and best intentions), I wasn’t thinking of looking good, I just grabbed my warmest (albeit my ugliest, most un-shapely) coat because all I was concerned with was getting warm and comfortable…yeah…comfortable. That’s the word-that-should-remain-unspoken by fashionistas…’comfortable‘. Because we all know that ‘comfortable‘ is a euphemism for cat-lady-busted.


-“Mom, why are you wearing those ugly shoes?!”

-“Child, let me be…I’m comfortable

Conversely, on the other end of the spectrum, a snazzy coat can cover up a frumpy outfit. I’m just learning this. Winter fashion is ALL about the silhouette, using layers to keep warm and experimenting with colour accents like a scarf, hat, belt or shoes or even gloves to change the look of a plain coat.

let Aunty Shelly ..the FLOTUS, show you how *sigh*…when I get my money right

let Aunty Shelly ..the FLOTUS, show you how *sigh*…when I get my money right

The infamous purple coat that Michelle Obama wore for the Presidential inauguration

The infamous purple coat that Michelle Obama wore for the Presidential inauguration

*BRAINWAVE*All my sexy ladies looking for love, are you worried that guys are only pursuing you for your bawdy? In wintertime, you’re covered from head to toe, so no worries about that. It’s all about the face. Matter fact, you should try to get into a romantic relationship during the colder months ‘so you know it’s real’. Let me know how it works out for you. However, if you feel pressed to show errbawdy what you’re working with, invest in a short coat 😉

Check me out, flying in my fly coat…ooooo.

full screen this picture rightchea because honestly, we all know that what your life really needs is a screen full of this awesomesauce. Big ups to Nicole Jean the photographer. And just in case you weren’t gob-smacked enough, this picture is straight-from-camera, #SFC, # nophotoshop #getonourlevel

full screen this picture rightchea because honestly, we all know that what your life really needs is a screen full of this awesomesauce. Big ups to Nicole Jean the photographer. And just in case you weren’t gob-smacked enough, this picture is straight-from-camera, #SFC, # nophotoshop #getonourlevel

The conclusion of the matter is; invest in a fly coat that creates/ enhances a lovely silhouette (a fly short coat if your derriere is your pride and joy) and ‘werk’!

Ironically, this realisation has only come to me at the end of my last winter in Edinburgh as I prepare to graduate and head back home to the tropics. #le sigh

Note: fly means sharp, snazzy, stylish

What’s your fashion revelation?



*double footstomp*

You see this blog?! This blog rightchea?!!!

This blog has been sitting in the corner, biding his time, waiting for his author to ‘make moves’. Well, here I am, ‘moving moves’. There’s so much that happens to me ON A DAILY BASIS that is either absolutely ridiculous, or chuckle worthy, or just blessings that come my way and I always think ‘I should blog about this’…


Hasn’t happened…yet 🙂 But here I am.


My life isn’t always the bomb dot com but it is ALWAYS the bomb dot TESTIFY. I feel compelled to blog about the good things as a reminder to myself that good things have happened. I feel compelled to right about the ridiculous things (getting cussed out by a vagrant on my FIRST day back to Trinidad..for example…true story) so that a good laugh is just a few clicks away. I also feel compelled to write about the ugly things (like falling prey to sin) so that my testimony may help somebody.

So why havent I started writing yet?

Illusions of grandeur….I want this blog to be sooooooooooo perfect (read 100%) that it has resulted in nothing (read 0%).

Laziness…no explanation necessary

That’s it, grandiose expectations and laziness. Mix these two things together and what do you get?


I’m using this Lenten period (which starts today, 13th February) as a launching pad for making more of the limited time I have here on this earth. For Lent, I’m giving up procrastination and chocolate (pray for me y’all).

‘I have learnt that with every drastic move, there NEEDS to be practical support measures.’~Asha J. Sheppard

So, my chocolate cravings usually attack when my blood sugar is low which is caused by *say it with me folks* SKIPPING BREAKFAST. So I eat on schedule and that’s that sorted. 😀

My procrastination….MY procrastination??!!! MY??? MINE??!! Why am I claiming this beast?! Anywho’s, I procrastinate, as I explained before, when I am overwhelmed by my quest for perfection and by laziness. I will (as evidenced in the past) overcome this by setting incremental goals and time tables and lists (I love lists…check) reminding myself that I’m awesome I have accomplished major tasks in the past. 🙂 Being my own cheerleader. I’m boarding the train out of the Procrastination Station…


editor’s note: Upon posting this, I succumbed to an hour of twitter and YouTube ramblings which reminds me, all my good intentions and plans are doomed without God.