*double footstomp*

You see this blog?! This blog rightchea?!!!

This blog has been sitting in the corner, biding his time, waiting for his author to ‘make moves’. Well, here I am, ‘moving moves’. There’s so much that happens to me ON A DAILY BASIS that is either absolutely ridiculous, or chuckle worthy, or just blessings that come my way and I always think ‘I should blog about this’…


Hasn’t happened…yet 🙂 But here I am.


My life isn’t always the bomb dot com but it is ALWAYS the bomb dot TESTIFY. I feel compelled to blog about the good things as a reminder to myself that good things have happened. I feel compelled to right about the ridiculous things (getting cussed out by a vagrant on my FIRST day back to Trinidad..for example…true story) so that a good laugh is just a few clicks away. I also feel compelled to write about the ugly things (like falling prey to sin) so that my testimony may help somebody.

So why havent I started writing yet?

Illusions of grandeur….I want this blog to be sooooooooooo perfect (read 100%) that it has resulted in nothing (read 0%).

Laziness…no explanation necessary

That’s it, grandiose expectations and laziness. Mix these two things together and what do you get?


I’m using this Lenten period (which starts today, 13th February) as a launching pad for making more of the limited time I have here on this earth. For Lent, I’m giving up procrastination and chocolate (pray for me y’all).

‘I have learnt that with every drastic move, there NEEDS to be practical support measures.’~Asha J. Sheppard

So, my chocolate cravings usually attack when my blood sugar is low which is caused by *say it with me folks* SKIPPING BREAKFAST. So I eat on schedule and that’s that sorted. 😀

My procrastination….MY procrastination??!!! MY??? MINE??!! Why am I claiming this beast?! Anywho’s, I procrastinate, as I explained before, when I am overwhelmed by my quest for perfection and by laziness. I will (as evidenced in the past) overcome this by setting incremental goals and time tables and lists (I love lists…check) reminding myself that I’m awesome I have accomplished major tasks in the past. 🙂 Being my own cheerleader. I’m boarding the train out of the Procrastination Station…


editor’s note: Upon posting this, I succumbed to an hour of twitter and YouTube ramblings which reminds me, all my good intentions and plans are doomed without God.



  1. ASHA!!!! This is hilarious…u made me laff 2 myself 🙂 I need 2 leave d procastination sation 2 yes!! This is gr8 tho..wishing u all the best & keep them coming!! *woot woot*

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Just this week I was reflecting on many of my friendships and I said to myself, I wonder what Asha is up to these days????? Hope that you have an awesome last semester in Scotland!!!!!!!!

    • Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking of you just yesterday. (specifically thinking of how I secretly admired your commitment to God and your easy love for people, not to mention your focus and organization skills in form 6). And here you are! Good to see you here *smoochies*

  3. So… This is what I thought of your first comment:
    I know yo worried about it your post about how it would be perceived but you shouldn’t have.

    I thought it was perfectly balanced between humour and seriousness admitting failures and encouraging others to do the same, think differently about maybe being in the same situation. All this whilst be lovable to boot!

    Finally!… We are off the ground. Well done my dear… I am extremely proud of you. I was grinning like a fool whilst reading your blog as i could literally hear your voice saying exactly those words like that…..

    God bless and Keep encouraging not only yourself but others to be more open and their failures and strive towards their goals!

    By Gods grace.

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