Through the Wire:


*deep sigh*

Here I am again…down to the wire. It’s the day before a major assignment (worth 50% of my grade) is due and I have not yet started it properly. Yes, I am scared to take a real good look at the assignment for fear of the smack of reality.

It’s frustrating to be back here after all my resolutions. Y’all should see the noticeboard in my bedroom; it’s populated with motivating messages that I’ve written in a bold green marker. Messages like:

Life Habits. Be more organized and disciplined OVERALL in my life! I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Life Habits. Be more organized and disciplined OVERALL in my life! I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

Start projects TODAY, not tomorrow. Set timetables and stick to them. Get back on the horse if I fall off.

Start projects TODAY, not tomorrow. Set timetables and stick to them. Get back on the horse if I fall off.

Dear Lord, Please help me to achieve my goals, Love Asha :)

Dear Lord, Please help me to achieve my goals, Love Asha 🙂

Ok, let’s objectively assess where I stand. It’s an essay (3500 words, #JesusTakeTheWheel) and;

1. I have written out the structure.

2. I know what each paragraph will address.

That’s it.

But I know that this time is different from all the other times. What makes this time different? Well, most significantly, I have asked my Christian sisters to pray for me. God, I am leaning on you. I really acknowledge that I need you. As I write this, I am listening to some gospel on YouTube that my sister sent me and having my breakfast.

I’m tempted to write a paragraph to the atheists that may stumble across my blog and lambaste me for using the ‘idea of God’ as a crutch for my shortcomings. Yes, this situation is not ideal, but my God works with the imperfect. He is not my crutch, He is my strength,  my all, I am nothing without Him…whether I have prepared long in advance or not.

“I can do all things through CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH.” ~Philippians 4:13


(If y’all have any tips on staying on top of your work and assignments. Especially if you have overcome the procrastination struggle, please share them in the comments below. Ya sister needs them.)

editor’s note: I finished my assignment just in time but it was not the best quality, but that’s what I get. lesson learnt (please God)


9 thoughts on “Through the Wire:

  1. The Lord is in your corner! Continue to rely on Him for your every need. The fact that you’re more aware of procrastination in your life shows that He has made you more sensitive to it…and He WILL bring you through it.
    You will make it through in Jesus’ name! Amen.
    Darls 🙂

    • This is soooooooo encouraging! I’ve often been tempted to claim procrastination as my ‘thing’ my ‘cross to bear’, but God said to leave all burdens to Him. ALL. I believe that He will deliver me from this beast

  2. Asha i can totally relate to your situation. I have my maths exams in may, yes the subject loved by many but hated by the majority and i have yet to begin studying. I go to bed early every night like around eight/nine i set my alarm for 3:00am and every time it goes off i would say “you know what i’ll start tomorrow” day in day out i would say the same thing and i realise that time is drawing closer and i am terrified and i just don’t know how to begin, i feel like i am in constant battle with my mind and i have come to the conclusion that Procrastination is a form of mental illness and needs to be seriously addressed.So in a nutshell I NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP! cause i am ready to leave that dreaded station

    • It is good that you have recognized procrastination as something serious, not be be joked about (wasting time, that can never be ‘re-bought’ is never trivial).

      Let us not get overwhelmed by it though, as Darlene said in the 1st comment, “God is in our corner, rooting for us.”

      I’m not yet through with my assignment but I don’t have the ‘sweats’ and I rebuke them in Jesus’ name!

      Let’s pray this beast away
      Love you.

  3. hahahahaha eh eh eh Asha!

    Only advise I have, and what worked for me during them terrible moments of procrastination was this:

    1) What time I take out of studying, will HAVE to be given back somehow, some way even if it means sacrifice…yup, that means if I chose to watch a full season of Grey’s Anatomy instead of studying, you betcha I will probably not make it to the movies that night to chill with friends. Not until what needs to be done gets done…so its a matter of picking what to do with your time, because that is the one thing that is fixed.

    2) I think, ‘What am I capable of? What do I want to represent through the work I hand in’. Yup, nothing like good ol’ keeping up standards and make mommy proud thing to keep you fixed on doing your best.

    3) COMPETITION! yes……not just beating your personal best, but knowing that you are one of the best, or at least you did your darn hardest to not be at the bottom due to shoddy work <——- harsh but ya.

    4) Gurl………………………..lastly what I keep in mind ALWAYS is where I want to be in life, what I want to achieve, and how what I am doing now is helping… sooooooo if I want to be that gurl on the Euro trip, standing in an odd position trying to take a good pic of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, then you bet your butt at that moment I am going to pull up my socks and work like a mutha to at least try make that a reality.
    So basically its just all about what motivates you in life………keep that image…weather its creating a charity, or owning a mansion by the beach.. keep it in mind.

    As you do your dissertation, this will be your biggest challenge…so be strong!


      • As someone who continuously struggles with procrastination… it is almost starting to make me a cripple and therefore affects me in all aspects of my life, from simply waking up on time to getting to bed early or doing reports on time. Therefore I can not STRESS how much it is important to point out that alot more people suffer in silence with procrastination than maybe we think! …… Silence can become a gulf that stops you from reaching out and….. ama say it! ASKING FOR HELP!!!… Therefore we have a wonderful God who knows our struggles! God works through people so…..People!.. Includes me…Do NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE!

        Unfortunately and fortunately everyone is different and how we get through it is going to be unique to us all! But as Darlene said the beginning of the realisation is important step!

        So striving towards what is ahead and leaving what is behind….. Behind!
        Lovely Post!

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