God is Good


*sits down*

I think I’ve been a tad unfair to the reader’s of my blog…to y’all.

Although I have said that I want to write about the good, bad and ugly, I have found that my posts have mostly dwelled on the bad and ugly. Thus far, I have only highlighted my shortcomings (though they are plentiful). So, from henceforth, I will offer a more balanced perspective on my life’s happenings. After all, I hope that revelation of my victories are just as encouraging as my bleaker testimonies.

So here goes, here is a summary of my recent victories [all made possible through Christ Jesus]. It’s more of an update, and I will expand on some of these in later posts.

Get yourself a ‘cuppa’, get comfortable, this is going to be a long one.


This may not mean a lot to y’all but I have passed all my courses of the 1st semester [September-December] of my final year of University. I was under incredible pressure last year so I view this minimum expectation as a victory/relief. (I have come to the realisation that I don’t handle stress very well  but we’ll talk about that later…this is a happy post).


I have a renewed interest in photography thanks to my amazing boyfriend who taught me how to use the manual modes on my camera *dust the dirt off ma shoulder* aaaaaand who also bought me a new camera lens for Christmas. Love you shmuckums

Y’all wanna see piks? 😉 Lemme give you a story first. Although I am not on Facebook, my pictures have been featured as profile pictures for several of my ‘real life’ friends. This is the highest accolade that Facebook can offer. 😛 The following pictures have all been used as Facebook profile photos. Click on the photos to view them in their fullsized splendor.

My Indian Sister Ipshita

My Indian Sister Ipshita

Ipshita's Banner picture...double whammy :D

Ipshita’s Banner picture…double whammy 😀

My German poonum, Carolin

My German poonum, Carolin

Sarah, another German sweetheart. I went in HEAVY on the halo effect, my bad...sometimes cheesy is fun!

Sarah, another German sweetheart. I went in HEAVY on the halo effect, my bad…sometimes cheesy is fun!

oo lala *sigh*

oo lala *sigh*

Y’all, I was sitting in the library one day, minding my own business (as I do), working on the computer when I saw this interesting character walk by (sorry for referring to you as a ‘character‘ Sia). I felt strongly compelled to photograph her (I usually carry my camera with me). So, I mustered up my courage, walked up to her table and she conceded to my request. This was my first (and only thus far) time doing this.

VOILA! #GodisGood

VOILA! #GodisGood


Y’all, this one has a bit of a backstory. I came to Heriot-Watt University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning (have to keep reminding myself of that). Anyway, when I got here in September 2009, one of the first extra-curricular activities that I attended was choir and I’ve stuck with it ever since. In 2010, I learnt that there were music scholarships available to singers that granted the awardee vocal lessons. I applied for the scholarship and got it!

So, fast forward to a few weeks ago, (27th of February and the 2nd of March) when I competed in two open classes of the Edinburgh Music Festival. In the first class, I performed two pieces: ‘Where Corals Lie‘, a poem by Richard Garnett which was set to music by Edward Elgar, and ‘Your Daddy’s Son‘ from the Ragtime Musical.

I placed third y’all!!!

Where Corals Lie: sung by Dame Janet Baker

Your Daddy’s Son: sung by Audra McDonald

Then, for the 2nd class which was the Oratorio class, I performed ‘He was Despised’ from Handel’s Messiah. This was a competitive class, and the winner was awarded the Sidney Newman medal.

BOOM! durr it is

BOOM! durr it is



God is Good

God is Good

Yes, I won.

On the University's Website

On the University’s Website

He Was Despised: Sung by Alfred Deller (first movement only)


God has blessed me with a wonderful supportive boyfriend. In the strictest sense, is this a victory? I’d like to think it is and anyone who knows me well (and my former no-romance-for-Asha beliefs) will understand why. Besides, he (Mr. Man) said that I succeeded in taking his heart and that was a big accomplishment. #blackgirlblush


I believe that I have found my purpose.  I have found something that I can be passionate about, that I can wake up every morning and be dedicated to fulfilling. Not easy, but fulfilling.  Before I spill the beans let me just say that I often cringe when people say ‘I am a lawyer’, or ‘He is a chemist’, confusing what they do, with who they are. But fundamentally, we are defined by what we do. Ladies and gentlemen, magnificent readers of my ramblings;


…a 21st Century Griot.

I’ll have a separate post addressing this, but I’m really psyched!!!


This coming Wednesday (God willing), 20th March, I will be singing at the University Music Scholar’s Concert. An amazing opportunity to share my the talent that God has blessed me with.

The Wednesday after that, 27th March, my friends and I will be performing at a Jazz concert that we organised. I think the planning is a victory in itself. Big ups to Steve King, the Director of music at Heriot-Watt University for supporting this venture.

MISTY - an evening of Jazz

MISTY – an evening of Jazz

*whew* There’s a lot more to thank God for but that’s all for now (your tea’s probably finished or cold). Thanks for reading, I wish you all the best in your Godly endeavors!

What good things are going on in your life? I’d love to hear them. Do share!