Double Digits!


*celebratory jig*

This is the big one-oh, wan-zero…yeah!!! my tenth blog post. I’d like to thank God, my fan, my family, my haters…I’m jess playing.

Thanks Fan, for keeping me cool. (photo credit: Google images)

Thanks Fan, for keeping me cool. (photo credit: Google images)

Thank you all for being here with me and listening to my rhetoric. Especial thanks to Darlene my sister for supporting me from the word go and for Roberta for lighting fire under my ass to get this blog started. Thanks to Ndunge for your long-winded comments…makes a G feel special…this was the purpose of this blog, to start a conversation. Do y’all see how Evelyn be blogging in the comment section tho?! Go read all my posts and her cawments. Thanks to ALL of you who comment. #thugtears

Thanks to those who read but choose to lurk, or talk to me in real life. I appreciate the real life convos BUT the reason I wrote on the blog was not just for me, or for cathartic purposes but to connect with others so, write yo thoughts and comments on the blog too, so that you can also reach others.  I wish that you all can see how important it is to share YOUR experience. It’s beneficial to have a diversity of perspectives and I can only offer MY perspective. We have all seen the detriment of one sided, narrow-minded rhetoric…i.e. HOLLYWOOD. So, let’s talk yo! Let’s conversate (not a real word, who gonna check me?)

And an extra special thank you to Nicolas who is responsible for many of the beautiful photos that you see on my blog!

So tell me. What do y’all wanna hear about next. Matter fact, scratch that…I’m prolly not gonna listen. The better thing to do would be to start your own blogs…I wanna know about y’all more deeply mehn. And there’s nothing like writing to bare the soul. Nawfin! I can’t say that I won’t judge you for your innermost thoughts, but I will say my judgement will come from a place of love.

On that note, I think that fear of judgement has been the biggest stumbling block to me uploading content on my blog (that and laziness). I always wonder just how ‘full disclosure’ I should be? But it won’t be honest of me to polish my stories. Yes, putting an inspirational spin on a dire situation is always wonderful but sometimes you just gotta be raw man. My eighth post was a raw one. *whew*

I love y’all, and I wish y’all all the best in your present and future endeavors. God bless y’all.

♪♫CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE♪♫ ok, it's not the 10th anniversary, it's the tenth blog post. #excited #i'm really doing it guys #celebratelife

♪♫CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE♪♫ ok, it’s not the 10th anniversary, it’s the tenth blog post. #excited #i’m really doing it guys #celebratelife (photo credit: Google images)